Remote Coaching

Know EXACTLY What to Do in the Gym

Our remote coaching provides the plan and guidance so you can confidently walk into the gym knowing exactly what to do (and HOW to do it)

Accountability to See Results

Showing up is often the most difficult part of training. We're here to keep you accountable to show up, not only for us but for yourself (our app lets us know when you've logged a workout, so we'll know if you skip!) 😉

Results on Your Own Schedule

We know that work IN the gym is only part of the battle. That's why we work on all aspects of your lifestyle so can see the best results possible. The best part: because this is online, you get to work on your own schedule!

Are You Ready?

To become the fittest, most athletic, healthiest version of yourself?

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Dan G.

"Josh is a GREAT trainer and coach. Extremely attentive. Develops a program specifically suited to each client. My body feels the best it ever has and the change in my body shape is "wife approved"

Walter T.

"Josh has an extraordinary ability to take his knowledge of exercise science & translate that knowledge to his personal training sessions. Josh was able to identify mistakes in my form and suggest adjustments. When my form was addressed, Josh then unleashed my potential"

Kate T.

"Over the years, Josh has not just "told" me what to do, but has "taught" me the why behind what I am doing. He has so much valuable information to share that has helped me achieve my goals. Josh is a true professional who is committed to his work and helping people improve their lives"